importance of keywords in SEO

Importance of SEO keywords

Importance of SEO keywords – Basically, SEO keywords are single words that represent the search information that individuals enter in a search engine. As a part of their SEO strategy, website businessmen use keywords to guide content design and optimize web pages.

Importance of keywords for ranking

Nowadays 9 out of 10 users make use of search engines to take information about any product or topic. They search the keywords according to their need on search engines. So keywords are a vital part of increasing traffic and ranking our website. There is a lot of importance of SEO keywords for any business.

Types of keywords in SEO

1. Short tail keywords:  A short tail keyword is a keyword that contains three or fewer keywords, which is also called a head keyword. For instance, Digital Marketing. 

2. Long-tail keywords: There are more words in these keywords than there are in short-tail keywords, and they are more specific. In long tail keywords, there are up to three words for instance Digital Marketing course in India.

(Note) L.T.K are more specific than S.T.K.

3. Fresh keywords: Those keywords which promote recently, for instance, trending keywords. These keywords search according to trending news in the world.

4. Evergreen keywords: In evergreen keywords, there are no extreme changes, all the time these are relevant. For instance, How to earn money online. 

5. Product defining keywords: These keywords explain any particular product or model, like Adidas shoes, or Nike shoes. 

6. Customer defining keywords: They are also called personal targeted keywords and these are used for targeting the specified audience. For instance, Adidas shoes for women. Adidas Shoes for men. These keywords are customer-defining.

 7. Geo targeting keywords: These keywords are used for a specific region, city, state, or country, for instance, the Asics showroom in Chandigarh. In this keyword, the customer searches for Chandigarh. 

8. LSI keywords ( Latent Semantic Indexing): These words are closely related to your keywords. These keywords are also familiar keywords, and Google also suggests these keywords at the end of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

9. Intent targeting keywords: when a user performs a query about any product. These keywords are divided into 3 categories

1. Information: like: ‘best shoes’ In these keywords users want to take information about the best shoes. 

2. Commercial: like: ” Buy best shoes” In these keywords, users want to buy shoes. It shows in SERP commercial sites. 

3. Transactional: like Adidas shoe sale and offer. In these keywords, users want to buy shoes with sales and offers.

How to find SEO keywords

You can find keywords according to your business. There are many tools on the Internet for keyword planning, for instance, Google Keyword Planner, Ahref, Semrush, etc. These tools are free but for limited planning, after that, these are paid. I will suggest using Google Keyword Planner because it is a free tool for all times.

Google keywords planner

Using this free tool, you can find keywords associated with your business and see estimates of the number of searches they receive. Using Keyword Planner, you can also create Search campaigns based on in-depth keyword research. The purpose of this article is to show you how to use Keyword Planner to build a successful campaign.

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

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