How to earn money from blogging

Many beginners make their own blog in the beginning, but they do not know how to rank blog, and leave the field like blogging, but in today’s post we will google the blog. I will give complete information about how to earn money from blogging.

Blogging is considered to be the best way to earn money online in India, people are earning millions of rupees by blogging online, and these people have been blogging for many years.

Although Google has more than 200 ranking factors, but do you know, no one follows all of them, people rank in Google on the basis of some of their secret tips and experience, and today we are going to share this post. Will give information about all these secret tips with help.

That’s why all of you are requested, you guys must read this blog post till the end, otherwise you will miss the information about how to earn money from blogging. First of all we will discuss how to rank blog on google, because our blog will rank on Google, we earn money from blogging.

Focus on your title

To get your blog’s post ranked in Google, you have to take special care of the title of your blog, according to Google. The title of your blog should not be more than 70 words, always keep the title of your blog user friendly. So that whenever If a user goes to Google and searches, then your website should be visible first, because Google likes more such blogs, which work according to them.

On whichever topic you write a blog post, make sure that the title of blog appears at least 4 to 6 times.

Focus on permalink

Whenever you use permalink, make sure that it is at least, because you have to make it in at least 60 to 75 words. Always remember your focus keyword must be in your permalink, so Google will understand about your blog.

People keep their permalink more, which does not make any sense, because keeping more words in the permalink will not show it in Google, so there is no point in keeping more.

You have to create a user friendly URL, inside which your main key

Use better meta description

Whenever you write a blog post, write a good meta description, which is at least 150 words. And remember that the focus keyword is definitely in the meta description, so that both Google and the user can understand that your blog What topic is the post on?

Meta description is the point where the user first notices, after seeing the title, the user immediately pays attention to the meta description, and confirms whether this post is really on that topic.

Which he has searched in Google search, so his blog

Check website speed

After an update of Google, the website which has more loading time, it does not rank in Google, because when a user searches a curie, and your blog will be visible to him, and he clicks on it and tries to read the information. Will do

In such a situation, the loading time of your blog will be less, then the user will immediately press the back button, which will increase the bounce rate of your blog, and your ranking will go down, so to avoid all these troubles, you can use a good hosting company. Use it, so that the speed of your blog is good

Use Google Search Console

Advertise your blog in Google Search Console, so that Google can know that it is really your blog, and it has many benefits, from here you can track your keyword, which position it is at. And how many impressions are coming?

Many people do not advertise their blog in Google Search Console, and later comment that their blog is not ranking in Google, if you want to rank your blog in Google at this time, then your Google You have to work accordingly.

Use sitemap

To rank the blog in Google, you must add a sitemap, and it is necessary to have a sitemap in every blog, because it also has many benefits, let me tell you, websites like Flipkart and Amazon also use sitemaps, this will help the blog Posts are quickly indexed in Google.

To add Sitemap to any website, you have to submit your blog to Google Search Console, and after that you will see the option of Sitemap in the same bottom side, in this you have to add your Sitemap.

User Friendly Content

To rank your blog post in Google, you need to write SEO friendly article, only then your blog will rank in Google, whenever you write a blog on any topic, write it keeping the user in mind, and all types related to that topic. Share this information in your blog post.

So that whenever the user comes to your blog, he stays on your blog for some time, this will send a signal to Google that your blog post is a good blog, then Google will start ranking your blog in its search result.

Share your post on social media platforms

After an update of Google, the authority of your blog should also be visible on social media, this will increase the authority of your blog, and your website will be removed from Google’s sand box, after which the chances of getting traffic to your blog will increase to a great extent.

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